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COVID 19 Mass guidelines for Young People


Covid 19 Resources

Celebrating Mass again

We are starting once again to celebrate Mass in our Schools and Parishes. The changes however can be confusing and sometimes scary for young people coming back to Mass after a long time.

Download the guidance below to make sure your celebration is safe and accessable and check out our new video which helps to make sense of the changes we’ll see.


Something for everyday


Extra-Ordo-Nary takes it’s name from the Diocesan Ordo. This document acts like a calendar for each diocese -helping people to know what season, feast day or celebration takes place on each day.

NDCYS have created a special version for young people and coupled each week of the year with a different theme – linked to the liturgical season – to help connect and inspire your prayer and liturgy.

Each week is also accompanied by a video on our YouTube channel that takes you through the important days in the week and brings the resource to life.

Download 2019/20
Download 2020/2021


Outstanding Collective Worship

Leading Liturgy & Prayer

We provide training for all diocesan schools and beyond to support those working with young people to manage and deliver outstanding collective worship. Our easy to use resources help establish an effective and engaging process that is accessible for all.

Get in touch to find out more about training opportunities and download the resources below.

Planning & Leading Collective Worship
Evaluating Collective Worship

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    Planning & Celebrating

    The Mass

    This resource aims for the first time to harmonise liturgical tradition and good practice with accessible processes to help you make the most out of your celebrations of Mass with young people

    With input from a huge team of experts it takes you through each stage of the Mass and gives guidance on how to plan it effectively and accessibly for young people.

    It includes planing sheets, guides, check lists and everything you’ll need to understand not just ‘what’ we do at Mass but ‘why’ we do it too.

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