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About Faith In Action

The CYMFed Faith in Action Award rewards young people’s active service in helping to build the Kingdom of God on Earth. Many young people are doing so much to follow Jesus’ example in serving others in their schools and parishes. The Faith in Action Award encourages young people to take that service into their wider community and accept greater responsibility for their faith in action.

The programme facilitates an exploration of scripture and Church teaching, with an emphasis on translating this into action. It encourages young people to shine the light of faith upon their experience of service through guided and personal reflection.

How do you get involved?

The award is administred through your school or parish and if you want to take part speak to them about registering themselves as a participating organsation for this years award. They will then be given all the resources they need to run the award with you. NDCYS will support you along the way and assess you final projects before awarding you with the award!

There are four levels of award: Pin, Bronze, Silver and Gold. Participants accrue credits of service in their parish and / or school and the wider community. The Faith in Action Award builds on what young people already experience in serving others, asking them to reflect upon it so that they may find new ways of living out and exploring their faith. There is an opportunity for both guided reflections, through group reflection points and personal reflection, through journaling. At the end of the scheme, participants submit a final piece of work for moderation before being awarded their Faith in Action Award.

Register your organisation

You’ll need to be a parish or school in the Nottingham Diocese and have someone who is willing to act as the award coordinator.

Delivering the award will mean facilitating 4 reflection points, logging and assement of volunteer hours and the collation and submission of a final project for each participant.

Training and reources are available to you from NDCYS and if you’d like more information before signing up then please email

Please note that after registering here you will asked to also register with the national CYMFed award database to access the offical resources – details on how to do this will be sent to you after your registration.

Reflection Point Resources

To help with your Faith in Action Journey you can now download and use the resources here on The 4 reflection points provide a guide to leading the session particularly if you’ve never done it before. They can be used as a “virtual group leader” if there is no one able to lead your group and they tie in with the reflection point plans available in the Faith in Action award booklet (and below).

Reflection Point 1

We love because we are loved.

Explore what it means to love and be loved.

Understand how God shows us love and teaches us to love one another through acts of service.

Reflect upon how our experience of love affects the way we live our lives and love one another.

Download Reflection Point 1

Reflection Point 2

Loving our Neighbour is Loving Jesus

Explore Jesus’ example of active love and what “neighbour” means

Understand how following Jesus’ example means taking responsibility for the wellbeing of others

Reflect upon what it really means to love a neighbour and how your actions affect them

Download Reflection Point 2

Reflection Point 3

Our Active Love Builds the Kingdom of God

Explore what is meant by God’s Kingdom

Understand how Jesus’ teaching: “the Kingdom of God is close at hand” affects the world we live in

Reflect upon our individual role in being witness to, and building, God’s Kingdom.

Download Reflection Point 3

Reflection Point 4

Servant Leadership

Explore the joys and sorrows of living a life of service

Understand that Jesus challenges us to change

Reflect upon how service transforms not only us, but those whom we serve in the wider community

Download Reflection Point 4